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Biomechanical Podiatry:
Are achy, swollen, or painful feet causing problems for you?

With our feet providing the body’s primary base of support, their condition is vital to our whole body’s structural system.

Biomechanical Podiatry focuses on how the movement of the feet affect the way the ankles, knees, hips and lower back move.

- Soft tissue work -
Due to the bipedal nature of humans, a considerable amount of strain is placed on the muscles of our feet. Similar to the other muscles of the body, tightness and restriction in the muscles of the feet results in soreness and loss of function. At PIHC, we work towards improving the health of the muscles in the feet, allowing them to work more efficiently during the day and improving energy.

- Orthotics -
In the concrete world that we live in, our feet are adapting by increasing movement to provide a greater degree of shock absorption. This excess movement can cause a multitude of overuse injuries, such as tendonitis, arthritis, bunions and heel spurs to name a few. Orthotics can be used in footwear to increase the stability of the foot and weight-bearing joints, thus reducing the risk of wear and tear injuries.

- Development of children -
Natural development in children also places a significant amount of stress on the body, particularly with the rapid bone growth, over-stretched muscles and increasing nerve activity. To prevent issues in adult life, early intervention is vital. This can be achieved through the assessment of early walking patterns to identify damaging walking habits and prevent the overuse of muscles.

Our podiatrist provides consultancy and treatment for feet problems, shoe apparel and diagnosis of feet-related pathologies. Biomechanical analysis of the feet for spinal muscular rehabilitation is also undertaken in Podiatry.

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